Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snowflakes - in process

Happy Spring everyone and the snow is just about melted or rained away here in Connecticut.  My 'season' is mostly over - though it is truly never over.  The last two weeks are long days and nights and very little time off.

This year was good - difficult for some of the returns that needed to be completed, some done and some on extension for the next couple of weeks.  I will be doing lots of follow up so I will make notes for the next season, who I should follow up with over the year, and make it my year.   This is a quarter month - represents work that needs to be completed for the first three months of this year.   So I'm off to the office.

This little snowflake was started and in still in formation...  think of it as the crystals are growing!

When done -->>>  22 of 50 !!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Snowflakes - True to your heart

True To Your Heart snowflake.

It is an amazing name for this beauty and great for this time of year as we transition from winter and lots and lots of snow to the spring.  Spring when all is fresh and new, especially here in New England.

Some of the trees have buds on them, the crocuses are pushing up through the last of the snow in the gardens and the birds have begun their morning and evening rituals of singing.

Spring is when I get to start my year as I spend the first four months buried in work.  The days are getting longer, the sun is shining more hours and there is that eternal hope that comes with the light.

I began this week doing seedling sitting once again.  The little guys are getting bigger - I hope we have continued success.... and the Town gets our garden plots up and ready as soon as possible!

My nephew is expected to arrive in two days.  I've a science project I would like to do with him.  It should be fun!

PS I know it needs to be starched in a big way - this is 21 out of 50!  Yeah!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Snowflakes - Less is more

This snowflake designed by Snowcatcher is called Peewink after a mountain of the same name in Colorado.

There are a couple of stitches -- a sc picot and a dc picot.  Both are used at the points of this snowflake.  I need a bit more practice as the ones I did are not very consistent.

Each of the snowflakes are unique - such as nature intended them to be.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the "new and improved" Michaels store.  It moved from down the street to farther down the street.  I was curious as they had been offering lots of 'deals' with the improved store.  I was there for an hour or so - it must be 4x larger, though it only had more of the same of some items and less of other items.  Less there was of what little threads they carried, it is now even more scarce.

One of the sales folks, very nice man, was trying to help me - though they are not carrying the merchandise.  What less yarn and even less thread!!  I was quite disappointed.  He suggested that I write to Michaels on their website of my disappointment.  So I did.  I did get a response -- it was less than expected as it appears that no one read my letter nor could make any comment.  Sad to say - that letter said that my business and my opinion is not worthy.  They will now have one less customer.

When one  items closes.... another will open, sometimes less is more.

20 of 50 completed......... or 40% done!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Snowflakes - making progress

Yeah !!  Three More done.  Thanks Snowcatcher.

These are called from the top, Garden Snowflake 8, Garden Snowflake 9, and Garden Snowflake 10.

This week's worth were a bonus for me.  The patterns were simple and great to do a trio.  I like each of them and would consider making them again in the possible second 50?

Spring sprung last week and we were met with yet another snow storm.   Of course in New England- March snow storms don't do much other than inconvenience.

Snow is now warming up into spring showers and melting some of the piles.  We will have some snow piles till May!

Nineteen completed of the fifty!  Yeah  38% completed!  keep it up and I'll get done before the end of the summer.  Hmmm  an idea for an entry into the Creative Arts this September?  Stay tuned.